Tips for attending the art school

Here are some tips that will help you survive and thrive during the adventure of art school.

Make the most of your education

Attend any art class, and on time. Keep your nose to the tuber and do the best job you can do. Don't wait until the last minute to do your homework. You are building the foundation that the rest of your life will be built. Make a solid! Be sure to get plenty of sleep. Get to bed early on school days and let your hair down at the weekend.

Be unique

Encourage your creative boundaries. Be careful not to plagiarize the work of others or reproduce. Don't be afraid to use your creativity. The work you produce, the more creative you will be.

Your portfolio

Always think about building your portfolio. Work on each task as if it will end up in your portfolio. Push yourself to be the best you can and not settle for mediocrity. Try to make each piece better than the last.

Purchased used text book if you can

A textbook is one of the most expensive purchases you will make while in art school. Buy used text book if you can, because they are much cheaper. Sell books you don't need.


Continue to find and apply for scholarships. Apply for a scholarship for each period. Every little bit of extra money for College will make a huge difference, especially if you have student loans to handle.

Get Involved

Join a student organization and groups. This is a great way to make new and lasting friendships.

Frugal living

Frugal and budget is very important when you're in college. Make Use Of Your Student ID! Many local shops, cinemas, and restaurants offer discounts to students. If you have access to the kitchen, to cook your own meals. Wait for a sale and the allowance before buying clothes, or visit outlet stores.

Stay healthy

It's easy for students to put healthy habits other than when the stress of college life. Get plenty of sleep. Take a NAP between sessions of research can help you retain the information longer. Eating healthy foods and drinking lots of water. Try to exercise every day, even if it's just going to take a walk. Staying healthy will make you feel better and you will be more creative and productive.