The fine arts University of Baroda Debacle and Chandramohan

This will not be difficult to remember the name Chandramohan Srilamantula. Master degree students of the Department of Graphics in College Fine Arts in Baroda imprisoned for displaying works of art in the event a faculty evaluation as a Methodist Minister and a BJP local man found objectionable. The BJP and its supporters ruining the show and then ask students to ' FIR against abusing religious symbols and violation of religion and had him arrested by nonbailable warrants. The date was May 9, 2007. One year has passed after the incident in the life of India's democracy. Now, all people must forget it.

However, in the heat of the moment it looks like the democratic minded citizens of Baroda, Gujarat and India will protest against this problem until they rebuild the dignity of students and institutions. The artists went to hunger strike for peace, set up another campus exhibition at erotic depiction of religious symbols from the history of the year 2500 of the art of India in protest against the vandalism. University authorities forcibly shut down the exhibit and Acting Dean of the Faculty of suspending Mr. Shivaji Panikkar to allow performances vulgar. The United Kingdom national media highlighted the problem through editorials, news headlines, articles of protest and discussion of prime time. The reaction seemed genuine because it is directly related to the ' freedom of expression ' cliche. Who can deny that our media care so much for freedom? Throughout India, artists and residents came across the street to voice their concerns. The two committees formed to investigate the incident. One by the University of MS and the other by the Governor of Gujarat. None of the reports officially to the public.

After discovering that the instigator, he is not more important for their struggle, Chandramohan was released on bail but the result was detained and has not been submitted. Recently she had to file a case in a local court to get it cleaned up. A broken chap, he returned to his hometown in Andhra Pradesh after his release, where one day he has to travel far to Baroda to realize the dream of his artistic desires. Shivaji Panikkar still in suspension. Finally, nothing really changed except the Baroda College of Fine Arts and the loss of dignity Chandramohan.

A lot of people have talked about the trend of fasistik of Gujarat BJP regime now. Just think about a similar incident happened in such a State of West Bengal. The Ruckus Society will bring the ruling party and the Government on his finger, a strong public opinion will be reflected in the local media, known-unknown organization will start the agitation, the opposition parties will launch a campaign against the ruling party plus, the Chief Minister will be compelled to comment on and willing or not willing to take some action. In Gujarat, there is nothing of the sort happened. Society in General is deaf and dumb, the local media the passive support of vandalism, with the exception of Anhad, no organization has the courage to stage a protest. It's easy to venture from the TV studio, but it's hard to be the same on the streets of Gujarat at this time. The opposition Congress party to observe the event from a safe distance, because they are not sure about how much political mileage they can achieve if they provide support to the victims. Or maybe deep down in their hearts, they also approved the actions of the destroyer. The Minister currently has yet to utter a word about the incident. Ostensibly, it's too small a problem for him to intervene. No one, not even the media India boldly and courageously honest questioning and the sad silence of his Government regarding the issue. In Gujarat, there is no room left for people to survive with dignity if they don't agree with the ideology of neo-national ruling party and residents of this prosperous State of many actually, unfortunately, has been taken for granted. Surely enough, Mr Modi was Honorable people!

Chandramohan has not been back to Baroda. He knew that there would be no one there to support or defend himself and even if there were, it would still be safe. He was the victim of two opposite sides of the establishment. From one side the self appointed guardian and theorists of Hindu culture, which is reminiscent of a Nazi Storm Troops, direct the victim to him. However, she also being a victim is not directly from the other side, the art education system which allows students to freely express their thoughts, but do not teach them the proper way to communicate that.