College-How To Trim Costs

The College is one of the most expensive proposition for the modern family. It ranks up there with the purchase of a new home. Have more than one child is college bound is the purpose of intimidating and sometimes undoable for many families in today's economy.

However, there are some strategies that can help cut costs.

Let's examine the myth that only the most prestigious College provides education at its best. Many colleges can give students an excellent education. This is not only a prestigious. The quality of education one does not only depend on the quality of the professors who teach, but also on the students themselves. Anyone who wants to get a good education should be an active participant in the game to learn.

Let's get Steve Jobs as an example. He did not go to MIT or Caltech. He went to Reed College, a liberal arts college. What made her finally succeed? It's not the letter after his name, but what he carried in his brain and his soul, his innate sense of curiosity.

Today we do not need to learn all there is to know in a college a high price. Go to iTunes University and Ted talk and knowledge are yours, free of charge to my question.

There is no reason that any students who could not afford a top-notch colleges can't expand their knowledge by using the resources available on the internet, and in their library.

The prestigious College came up with a very large cost.

The College will provide the title, but then there will be the bane of student loans.

I can only relate my personal experience with my own children. She left College just because of 15,000 dollars. Due to health problems and related work, he defaulted on loans for one year. When he finally came to me to help him reorganize his debts, his loan has been increased to 24,000. You see, the interest on the loan of it! Although the flower looks deceptively low, it will bite you in the end. Unfortunately, it was with a private lender. I called the lender who every day for a month to try to work out a deal. I am offering a lump sum payment of 17,000, which they refused. There is no way around this loan, be it unemployment, illness, does not exist. You can't default on them even if you declare bankruptcy. Finally, in frustration I find an ombudsman with the federal Government. He is a gift. We work out a new loan, to be paid for more than twenty years. Payment structure based on my income. So while he is making less, he responsibility for less, and why does he get more, he pays more.

Consider a two-year Community College if you can't swing tuition and had to take a loan. You can save money, and spent the last two years at the school of your choice, or if you are going for a Master's degree, select that year to study at a college with a perceived value.