Liberal Arts Colleges Don't Teach Creativity-teach them down in politically correct Thinking

There seems to be a difference on how to promote innovation and creativity in our workforce. Everyone agrees that we need to do better with our education system to ensure that we keep the creative minds of the next generation to solve problems and keep us at the leading edge of innovation. In fact, many would argue that the future of our nation depends on it. I for one agree. The question is how to get there, and this is where all the disagreements go if you have a moment I would like to discuss this with you if I may.

And the people who promote the College and university education says that the children we need more learning math and science to work in our technologically advanced society. This is true, and is not debatable. Nevertheless, this type of thinking analytically and structured is not the same type of thinking required for creativity in the human mind. This is why many now say that we need to concentrate on liberal arts colleges to produce a creative mind and innovative thinking. However, before we allow it to argue a point to chiseled into stone forever, I want to challenge it.

You see, it seems to me that the liberal colleges don't teach creativity either, but rather the human mind into political thought is true. I would submit to you that such structured thinking not worse for creativity rather than analytical thinking have been taught in engineering, math, and science curriculum. Next, I would submit to you that the religious colleges are also challenged with structured thought, based on religious texts, and therefore they will not be the better-that says for creativity.

If we are really going to solve this problem, we need to teach our students to think in different ways. Maybe I can use an analogy here. When I was younger I used to race motorcycles, the first thing they tell you in the school of racing is to use the channel as a whole, in this case using all your mind, and learn how to use your brain in a different way. There's time to think inside the box, and thought is really structured, but there is also the time to let your mind go and stay in the creative flow.