The Smallest Four-Year Colleges

When students begin to think of their education after high school there are many things they need to consider. What they want to major in? What they want to do with their degree? If they want to stay close to home or they want to experience a new place? Studying abroad is something they want to think about doing? What schools offer credentials that they need? Whether the schools that they are looking at has a rule that students are expected to follow? One question that you might not think about is whether or not you want to attend the campus big or small. Some people like the proximity of small schools and feel they can do better in a smaller environment. This article will look at some of the nation's smallest four college years. By researching a few schools, you may be able to determine the kind of school that's best for you.

Located north of the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas metroplex is Sherman. Located in the city is 70 acres of private college, Austin College. Austin College was founded in 1849 by the Presbyterian Church as a College, the private co-education. They focus on educating students in the liberal arts and Sciences. Austin College offers high levels of graduate school admissions, more than 70 student organizations, student associations and fraternities and to get students involved. They also remain closely tied to the Church and are proud to be a close nit community.

The Bennett College for women in Greensboro, North Carolina, and is a historically black women's College. Their hope is to continue to offer an excellent academic program as well as giving women the opportunity to become empowered individuals. School social programs focus on academic and feminist topics. The school was also formed by the Methodist Church so that they offer a wide range of religious activities.
Keeping up with the other religious schools in the list is the College of the Ozarks. The school is located in Point Lookout, Missouri and established the Presbyterian tradition. In this school the students are not charged tuition, but they are expected to work each semester at College to get their education. They discourage their students from raises debt, so they prevent students from participating in any government program loans.

Probably one of the better known colleges in this list are Georgetown College. Georgetown boasts of being a Christian, liberal arts University that combines the tradition of the history of Southern Baptist educational learning for all students. They offer more than 70 majors, kids, and academic programs. Also the school was recently named a "Top producer of Fulbright Awards Recipients".

There are many schools in this list. If you decide that you would like to attend a small school, the first step you'll need to research the schools to ensure that they are an accredited college and offers a-level you are looking to get. Once you have checked all your credentials will be able to find an accredited school that best suits your needs.