Go To Music College And Follow Your Dreams

There are very few people who have the courage to pursue their dreams and you probably know a lot of talented people who have given up their passion for art such as painting or music just because they don't have the time and are too busy in the pursuit of college degrees.

I wouldn't really blame these people because the fact is that the reality is that there are not a lot of room for everyone to become a pop star or singer or a classical violin expert and when one needs to think about the wrong things to do for a living, the focus automatically shifts to the things relative mediocrity like engineering, accounting or law.

This career offers the possibility of much higher to ensure a secure job that will get a monthly salary package that can be used to pay bills and monthly installments that you definitely will create once you settle down in life.

However, if all of the talent in music and other arts to go this way and die naturally. I think not. There is a music college that allows you to get a great double where you can learn the subject of your dreams and at the same time make sure that you get a degree you might need. This means that you can study the subject side along with the music so after college, you don't end up working as a janitor or waiter at Mc Donald.

One of them is not suggesting that all the musicians end up like this but the fact is that the probability of success as a musician is much lower. Many musicians never got to the lime light and therefore died with the loneliness of the unknown. It is more practical to have a back up so you'll at least be able to earn your daily bread without going down in the dumps.